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CrawlTunes Bluetooth Stereo Package

CrawlTunes Bluetooth Stereo Package
Carling Rocker Switch Style Bluetooth Controller Option Decal Options VCU84 Amplifier

This is the package for those who want to JAM!

Clean, crisp sound at high volume.

This tiny amplifier can literally power can give these speakers their max rated power with just 2 of it's channels with with 2 more channels available to power another set of CrawlTunes or dash/door speakers. Back 2 channels can be bridged to power a 300W sub.

Package includes:

Pair of CrawlTunes Harcore Cage Mount Speaker Enclosures 

  • Injection Molded Composite Construction(way tougher than fiberglass)
  • Anodized aluminum clamps that can be indexed at 45* increments
  • Made in Houston, TX
  • Automotive Grade Vinyl Decals(multiple options to best match your ride)

Pair of CrawlTunes CZ65 Premium Marine Speakers

  • Manufactured to IP65 Marine Grade Specifications
  • Bridge Mounted, 1" Titantium Dome Tweeter
  • Neodyium Magnets
  • Molded Kevlar Cone
  • Stainless Hex Mesh Grill Insert
  • 4 Ohm 80W RMS/400W Peak
  • Frequency Response: 45Hz-23kHz
  • Fs: 75Hz
  • Sensitivity 93.5db
  • Xmax 0.16"

Cerwin Vega VCU84 Marine Amplifier

  • 85W RMS X 4 (@4 ohms), 150W RMS X 4 (@2 ohms)


Bulkhead Mount Bluetooth Controller

  • Installs in a 1 1/8" hole
  • Has AUX (3.5mm headphone) input too

Or Carling Rocker Swith Style

  • same controlls as above
  • great option for UTVs that have available rectangular rocker swith slot

Select Remove Bluetooth if Running  a Head Unit for Your Source 

IncludesWaterproof Fuse Holder with Fuses

Premium OFC Wire Available by the foot in options below.


Give us a call with any questions on the best setup for your rig.

Weight 12.00 lbs
NOTE: Contact us with any questions
Our Price: $609.00
Choose Decals
What Size Tube Will You Be Mounting Your CrawlTunes On?
Select Bluetooth Controller Option
RED 8 Gauge Power /ft.
BLACK 8 Gauge Ground Wire
Premium 16 Gauge Speaker Wire /ft.

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Roll Cage 7" Tablet Mount
CrawlTunes Black & White Snap Back Trucker Hat
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