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Can I use my CD player without an amp?

Yes.  But most cd players or head units only output 15-25 watts per channel and will not provide the undistorted volume that a higher powered amplifier can.

Do I have to use a CD player or headunit?

No.  You can hook an mp3 player or other source directly to your amplifier using a 3.5mm(headphone jack) to rca adapter.  There are also plugs to go from iPod/iPhone to rca.

Volume can be adjusted directly on the mp3 player, or you can use an inline line level controller.

Can I use a non marine amplifier?

If you are in a non salt environment, and can mount your amplifier off the floor and under a dash or seat, you can save some money by using a car amplifier.   Especially if you store your vehicle in a garage when not in use.

If you are often in deep water and your amp would be exposed, a marine grade amplifier is recommended.

Can I use car speakers?

Car speaker can survive light rain and moisture, and they can be an affordable option for a garage stored rig.  Or you can remove your speaker enclosures when parked.  But prolonged UV exposure will shorten the life of non marine speakers.

Are the PYLE brand amplifiers a good option for my off road stereo?

The PYLE brand amps are a good option for a budget setup, but they are very overrated on power output.  They will generally give you enough power to give sufficient volume for the occupants of your vehicle, but don’t expect to “rock out” and achieve very high volume without distortion.

If you are using higher end speakers, you won’t be able to use them to their potential with these amplifiers.

Do your enclosures come fully assembled with speakers installed?

No.  Due to a number of different mounting orientations, speaker install is left up to the consumer so the speaker can be mounted parallel to the horizon.  This  is only cosmetic.


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